Erotic Spanking Mastery: Online Course

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Master the Art of Erotic Spanking With This Multimedia Online Course

18+ Only Please!

After you enroll in the Erotic Spanking Mastery course, you will immediately gain access to a comprehensive multimedia package so you can start exploring spanking right away.

You’ll get:

Our Best Selling Erotic Spanking Video Guide: 

  • Master the skills of erotic spanking, from warm-up to climax
  • Discover 5 ways to use your hands to create a wide range of sensation and pleasure
  • Follow simple, easy spanking rhythms to take your lover on an intense erotic journey
  • Explore 5 positions to find your favorite
  • Learn where to spank and where to avoid for maximum pleasure and to minimize the risk of injury
  • See how to use gloves, paddles, vibrators and more to amp up the pleasure of your spanking

In Depth Audio Guides:

  • Discover why erotic spanking can be so pleasurable, arousing and satisfying
  • Explore roleplaying, power exchange and the range of erotic energy that can fuel your spanking
  • Learn how to communicate with your lover before, during and after an erotic spanking
  • Disaster-proof your erotic spanking explorations
  • Gain insight on the skills of both giving and receiving an amazing spanking

Comprehensive Handbook:

  • Understand how spanking creates arousal so you can tap into maximum pleasure
  • Overcome common concerns about erotic spanking
  • Gain communication skills so you can experience the ultimate erotic spanking

Priority Email Access To Personal Support!

  • Get all your questions answered personally by Chris and Charlotte, The Pleasure Mechanics

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Multimedia Online Course

7 videos to download or stream!
7 in depth audio guides
Comprehensive Handbook

Erotic Spanking Mastery: Online Course

0 ratings